The (mostly irrelevant) conversation that led to the name: WE SHOT THE MESSENGER

The (mostly irrelevant) Texting Conversation that led to the name



rose :                     Hey we've all been floating the idea of starting a family website for some time. I think that "Catch All Artists" would be a cool name. And that domain is available. What does everyone think, should we buy it?"

kyle:                      "i'm not really an artist. ask levi"

rose:                      Catch All Creatives is also free.

levi:                       can confirm, Kyle's not an artist.

rose:                      he's a creative tho - catch all creatives sounds better

kyle:                      I'm a business man

                              And you guys should get back to work!

rose:                      haha  I think is good

levi:                       Catch all artists sounds like it should be a comprehensive database of artists.

rose:                      haha. This is never going to happen if we don't agree on a name so start brainstorming! Shea had a Ton of ideas, none of which I liked personally, but at least she's trying to get the ball rolling!


kyle:                    haha can we let levi decide? He's good at this kind of useless arbitrary yet somehow ego-filled type tasks. he was born with no ego.


kyle:                     that's genius . I'm not even kidding. Everyone tries to be something and they print a stupid sticker and that's it. Let's call us jarulefan96

levi:                       Yeah, if we start a site called I am all for it. I don't care what's on it, I'm down.

kyle:                      I'm not even kidding I think it's brilliant

levi:                       has anyone checked whether the domain is available. Cause we should buy it no matter what we're doing. A domain name like that is like real estate. It's value only goes up.

mum:                    what? you being funny?

kyle:                      Levi's onto something I'm serious

kyle:                      we should get too just in case

mum:                    Levi be serious.

levi:                       I'm as serious as cancer baby. we could probably get ja rule to come to the unveiling for 20 bucks and a warm meal.

kyle:                      rose you know Ja? Just skype tell him you’re pregnant. I slept with him once and we look similar. That'll get him to endorse us (money bag emoticon)

levi:                       C'mon you guys. Ja's been through enough. How much can one man take?

kyle:                     Levi, are we being insensitive to Rose's initial intention with this text conversation?

mum:                    Rose is on to something. It's unusual and cool (and scary) to have four siblings involved in the arts - kyle you might not see yourself as an artist but you're in the arts

levi:                       I'd say Kyle’s more of a philosopher king

mum:                     Rose don't let kyle and Levi put you off with Jarule jokes. (I just looked him up). 

rose:                      Lol

kyle:                      anybody know a creative team that could write, storyboard, produce, photograph and market our music video...we need a team of at least 4

rose:                      Lol

kyle:                      we should call our group "allan what?"

mum:                    How about 'That's a hyphenated name'

levi:                       Ask not what Ja can do for you, but what you can do for your Ja.

                               be the ja you want to see in the world

mum:                    Good one. But shea and rose are going to name the site and you can pay up when they are rolling in Ja dough

kyle:                      rolling in Ja dough! nice one mom!

mum:                    finally I get a compliment.

kyle:                      it's been my philosophy that difficulties vanish when Ja comes around

mum:                    Okay dad and I are lying in bed watching Ja videos. Did something happen to Ja? Dad is laughing so hard. He says he doesn't know rap but this guy is terrible. Dad thinks you should buy Catch All Artists.

kyle:                      Let's call it "Ja creatives" I'm serious.

mum:                    How do I know if you're serious?

rose:                      Catch all creatives is the best idea...Who came up with that one again?

levi:                       Catch all creatives is awful. It doesn't make any sense, we're not all the creatives, we’re 4 creatives. It'd be like if Kyle and I started a website for the two movies we've made and called it international movie database.

                                And why catch? Are we Pokemon? Is that a Pokemon reference?

                                And strictly phonetically speaking it's clunky and awkward.

kyle:                      Ya, I like the idea of it but it's too much thinking

levi:                       Whoever came up with that idea you did a bad job and you should feel bad.

mum:                    Catch All is a play on McCachen.

                                Okay Levi - you try - something that lets people know you are siblings involved in the arts - painting, photography, writing, film making. The arts. Creative work.

levi :                      Oh, well I didn't get that at all and my last name is McCachen, so no one else will.

Also, I've had friends for over 5 years who don't know how to pronounce McCachen.

shea:                     Barry's company was 5x5 (after hallways in the Aliens movies). We could do homage to him and both parents by calling it "four in six" seemsavailable.

                                Four kids in six years, is what mom and dad accomplished in having us.

kyle:                      sounds like a piece of wood. I'm going to stop on the name. Levi is my vote.

levi:                       Yeah, I'd like to remind everyone Kyle also thought that was a good idea, so grain of salt here.

levi:                       I wonder what happened to the oneders

mum:                    I think we should remove dad. All these texts will blow his mind. Can I just remove him?

shea:                     He can opt out.

mum:                    I guess Apple is just Apple. Hey what about Orange?

shea:                     The guy who invented binary committed suicide via poison apple. It wasn't arbitrary, Apple.

mum:                    He did, but on a doc we watched they said that’s not why they named it Apple. Just that the word Apple got positive response in consumer testing.

kyle:                      Hey, who's our target demographic?

shea:                     Our target is people who are interested in different kinds of media made by four people who share a certain aesthetic, sense of humour, style which we cultivated together growing up somehow. So someone who likes my drawing might like comedy, photography and film by people who have a similar style. People like finding out more about media they like. We'll be offering a kind of biography.

mum:                    Oh shea - you go girl – you said that so much better than I did.

shea:                     I'm thinking we show our separate work but also point out our collaborations. And supply the odd interview maybe. Stuff like the ridiculous stream of dialogue we have going here. Spot lights on family, friends, cousins.

mum:                    Yeah that too

shea:                     Our version of my brother my brother and I, but in art, film, podcast, print, photography...some people we know already follow us as family more than individuals, we can give them something to point to. We all have separate identities and audiences that go with them, let's cross pollinate. Do like the ghost busters and cross the streams. Which I thought about for a name but it sounds like pee-porn

levi:                       if you say pee porn again you're out of fourinsix media forever

shea:                     I know. Not a good family biz association. Though we did have an awesome time watching The Aristocrats that one time.

levi:                       That's not the same, you know that that's not the same.

mum:                    cross pollinators dot com

levi:                       I'm leaving the group if you say that again

mum:                    What do you think of rose?

levi:                       I think it sucks.

kyle:                      Jamedia

levi:                       I like it.

kyle:                      Did you know miramax is the mom and dad of Harvey Weinstein so we could also do that. Can't have mike and candy but...i dunno. I think I should not talk names. I'm notoriously bad but I do put my faith in Levi. Go Levi.

levi:                       Mom and Dad's middle names: willjoy

kyle:                      That's good. As long as we all stay happy :)

                                Either that or

shea:                     Let's make the website the same as mom's favorite food.




rose:                      lol is a good idea hahaha

kyle:                      I like bread. No way is available is it?

shea:                     we are a brood who eats bread, bred to eat bread.

                                It redirects to

shea:                     Mom gave me holiday $ and made the password her fav food. It's like some kind of test...

mum:                    Come on - it's chocolate silly. Or fish and chips but they are so iffy and like pancakes, afterwards you wished you didn't eat them. I don't regret good chocolate.

kyle:                      what happened to willjoy? it's so unique, like Herschel, or Saje, or Burton, or Nike or Adidas...

levi:                       meh, I think we can do better

rose:                      will you ever approve of anything Levi? You seem determined to disagree no matter what

levi:                       not if I can help it

kyle:                      I like levi's optimism. He should put forward more suggestions.

shea:                     Willjoy makes me think of a last will and testament site. Family creatives makes me think of g-rated family crafts, which is not what we do.

                              How about


shea:                     Sibling show, or show and tell, or side show, like a collaboration side project, which is what our work for each other ends up being. If you google search ideas before posting you can get an idea of availability: both sibmedia and sibinmedia are taken


shea:                     juvenile sounding

mum:                    I disagree - everyone likes show and tell. It can be adult with sexy connotations and it fits what you said it is.

shea:                     Sex stuff is even worse. Watch out, you'll scare Levi away.

mum:                    Okay. I'm quitting (for now) you guys go...Shea doesn't like any of my ideas today

rose:                      We should just send an email to each other with all of our ideas - the group texting doesn't go anywhere

kyle:                    how about

                            I already bought the website for a different project and don't need it anymore

mum:                   I'd say I like it but then Shea won't like it. She's opposing me today. Joking!

shea:                    We shot the messenger is fine. Cause the messenger is mom and we all take turns opposing her despite her consistent help and attention. Unless that's a joke. Do you really own that?

kyle:                      no, I own it

                                We shot the messenger is actually the perfect contrast to "text me, love mom." I never thought of it but it's true

shea:                     It's kind of abstract and counter cultural. Makes me think of an attack onfacebook messenger, shooting film, the idea that no oneshould be able to shut you down with oh-so sensible negativity about a world that they're underestimating. The "we" says it all: can't bring us down, we got each other

kyle:                      well we can put a site up there if we want. I can make the site then change it over when we need, have another name

mum:                    (sends photo of a Kellogg's mini-boxes of cereal snack pack) I bought these for the July long. Choose your box now.